Good and Evil.

Evil and Good.

Black and White. Right and Wrong. Two sides of the same coin, two extremes on opposite sides of the spectrum.

We could stand here all day beating this with a stick.

Throughout the course of The Wizard of Oz, there is a constant struggle between these two powerful forces. They tug at each other relentlessly, neither willing to give in.

This struggle is even present before Dorothy travels!

Back in Kansas Miss Gulch tries to get Toto taken away. She has no reason to do so other than she can. Miss Gulch is vile and truly (in the movie at least) Dorothy’s first taste of evil conflict. Then when Dorothy arrives in Munchkin Land, she discovers that her house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East, killing her. Even though it was an accident, Dorothy still gets praised for defeating the witch, releasing the Munchkins from their terror-filled lives.

And then, to slap a cherry on the proverbial sundae, Glinda-the concentration of all things good and wonderful-appears to congratulate Dorothy. Thus cementing Good over Evil.

There is also the struggle that the Wizard goes through. He, much like Dorothy, is stuck and his grief and anger lead him to come off as a scary guy. Dorothy sets him straight though and the Wizard is not lost to the dark side. Again, Good winning over Evil.

And last but not least there is the Big Battle. The Fight to end all Fights. The Big Kahuna. Dorothy v Wicked Witch of the West! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Match of the Century! Tune in to watch!

Well, Dorothy and West don’t battle physically, but they do have an impress match of cat and mouse. And in the end, Dorothy wins though love and friendship and Goodness…and a bucket of water.

The Wizard of Oz shows us that even little girls like Dorothy can combat and win against evil.