The Wizard of Oz is such an awesome movie!

Just the other day I was with my parents, it was movie night, and we decided to watch The Wizard of Oz. When I was a little kid, so many concepts flew over my head. But now that I’m older I get a lot more now. (Okay, 13 isn’t exactly old, but…)

As I was watching the movie the whole “Home” stuff pinged me in the brain. Dorothy is so desperate to get home and it really made me think if my idea of home matched Dorothy’s idea of home.

For me, home is my house. It’s where I sleep, eat, and play video games. For Dorothy, I think home means something completely different and after some solid thinking (and procrastinating on my algebra homework) I concluded that the actual physical house is not what Dorothy was so desperate to get back to.

Home in The Wizard of Oz is more of a metaphysical concept. Metaphysical means something that exists but doesn’t. Like an idea. Don’t worry, I had to Google the definition too! What Home represents in The Wizard of Oz isn’t the walls, ceiling, and floor, it is the feelings associated with Home.

To Dorothy, Home is her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em. Their love and their support. Home is walking by the chicken coop in the morning and being scolded for waking up so late. Home is falling into the pig pen and getting rescued. Home is staring out


 her bedroom window at the Kansas flatlands watching the dust fly by.

These nostalgic feelings, this yearning, is why Dorothy is so desperate to get home!

And, in my 13-year-old mid-life crisis, I discovered the true meaning behind The Wizard of Oz’s message.

“Home is where the heart is.”