Colors dominate the Land of Oz. Whether they are flashing and bold or dark and dreary, shades of the rainbow are splashed everywhere. But is there any significance to the colors? Or were they just chosen from a roll of dice?


I think that the colors were deliberately chosen to create a certain atmosphere.


In the Munchkin area bright and cheery primary colors are the key schemes used. The simplistic and bright conveyance shows an innocence and naivety. Since this is Dorothy’s introduction to Oz, the atmosphere is lively because she has not yet seen the darker elements of the world.


The Emerald City is shown to be a business district. With the hustle and bustle one would expect. Green is an acceptable and appropriate color for the Emerald City. Green stands for money, but it also stands for energy, harmony, and growth. These latter two factors were important as Dorothy and her motley crew used all them to complete their mission. Harmony to bring peace to the Land and Growth because everyone in the group grew and matured.


The Wicked Witch of the West’s castle was dark and dreary and grey. She wore all black clothes and her minions also wore dark outfits. Dark can mean safety in some senses, but the main aura this was trying to portray was depression and oppression. It was the wet blanket in an otherwise dry laundry closet.


In conclusion, color does indeed play a very big part in the Wizard of Oz, even if we don’t realize it at first glance.